How can the average American stay informed about the public issues and policies that impact our lives? It’s not easy folks!

I realize the heading to this Post is a bit superficial and maybe beneath our readers standards but in such an important election year the news we see and hear is, too often, either salacious to attract viewers, narrowed by the presenter’s bias, intended to distract from important issues or just plain fake.

The talking heads on TV, both Cable and Network, will pick up a story line planted by someone with an agenda then pontificate upon the subject with what ifs and maybe’s for days. It’s tiresome for viewers, for sure. Then the initial story will be proven false or inaccurate or simply fade away.

We are in a period now in which the news should be full of Big Pharma & Insurer profits and high premiums, weak coverage with few providers and the overall failure of the ACA to accomplish what it was advertised to do. The News should be honestly covering other important issues such as immigration and the Dem’s neglect for Daca, Russian provocations, President’s planned meeting with NOKO leader, the effects of other country’s unfair trade policies  on America, terrorism within our borders, not to mention the unimaginable breach of our privacy by Social Media, to name a few.

What do we get for news instead? On most outlets its the story of Russia-Trump collusion and if that doesn’t work the private affairs of the President before he was in office, some reaching back 20 years or more. Or maybe the less scandalous but equal waste of time; the discussion about the House proposing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Experience tells us that our government in general and congress specifically understands the news cycles and what steps to take to engage what they desire and avoid what they choose to avoid.
For instance:

  •  Remember the Millions of Dollars in hush money pay by Congress on behalf of Congress members to cover sexual harassment allegations? We all wanted to see a list of those pay outs didn’t we. Have we seen such a list?
  • Remember Lois Lerner and John Koskinen of IRS fame? The GOP was going to uncover that for us so that it could never happen again. Lois Lerner’s testimony is sealed in Congress said to be for her personal safety. What about the safety of our citizens against the first or second most powerful force in America.
  • Unmasking of Americans by the Obama administration. US Ambassador Samantha Powers requested the unmasking of 360 Americans ( that’s right 360) during the last year of the Obama reign. Hear anything about that lately?
  • Catch and Release at the southern border. Sure, the number of crossings went down for several months in 2017 but ICE and the Border teams have no more space for retention or authority to retain those crossing the border.
  • Sanctuary cities and politician’s actions to restrict ICE. What’s being done to protect the legal citizens including those who immigrated legally. We are starting to hear about brave Americans like the those Los Alamitos, Ca who have taken a stand but will it gain notoriety?
  • Plus, the failures of the ACA to deliver better access and more affordable health insurance.

I could go on and you probably have other issues in mind as well. The point is that the average American, which is about 330 million average people, can’t stay up to date and certainly not excited about most of these issues. You’re busy going to work, raising your family, scratching out a living in an increasingly complex world.

The only people who seem to stay active and focused on issues is generally the folks who are impacted, or think they are, by current laws, policies, or morays. The other group that stay focused and mobilized are the folks who make a living off of generating headlines, often with misleading stories, to anger and excite the groups from which they profit.

We see it plainly in the marches recently by kids against guns, by people allegedly for DACA and immigration, against sexual harassment, for gender equality and so forth. Sometimes don’t you wish the policies or programs you support had the energy and outside money that some of these other groups receive.
Frankly, it impossible to maintain the pace to battle for what’s right and for justice.

I guess it’s human nature to be strongly for or against some issue but then run out of gas in the efforts to promote one’s beliefs. Plus, it’s frustrating to see Congress avoid common sense to process the expedient but worse to see Congress avoid common sense for their own benefit.

So it’s ho-hum, nothing’s changed including the frustration many feel. The answer is keep up the fight if you can, try to stay as informed, as you can and participate when you can.
After all, we are all in this together!

Until next week.

Mark Reynolds, RHU
It stands for “Walk the Faith”.

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