Compassion with Action: why are the people of the United States never properly acknowledged for their compassion. And more importantly the actions they take to help others both home & abroad!

Is it a dopey question or do I identify a fact that all Americans know is true. This week we’re taking a break from healthcare reform out of respect for those suffering and assisting in the catastrophe of South Texas and Louisiana. I want to acknowledge and praise the great people of the United States for their consistent history of being there when others need help. Our people are always willing to help but seldom are they properly acknowledged.

Over the past 100 years, you can’t name a catastrophic event across the globe in which Americans did not lead the efforts to help the poor souls suffering from it. Often our own US media does not acknowledge our citizen’s efforts and too frequently it’s because of political reasons. Also, we don’t often hear other nations acknowledge our nation’s compassion and heroic actions to assist.

To name just a couple; the relief in Indonesia and SE Asia for tsunamis victims, earth quakes in Italy, Pakistan or Turkey, drought, starvation and disease in Africa, volcanoes all over, and of course the countless times our military has stepped in to provide relief, protection or freedom. That’s the short list but you know what we mean.

But at home, here in the US, we consistently rise up to help each other as well. We saw the American spirit during countless hurricanes and tornadoes, earth quakes in Ca, perennial blizzards and sub-zero temperatures in the northern states, Spring floods in the mid-west and east coast, wild fires across the West, poverty in rural  areas and inter-cities, and of course national crisis such as 911.

The point is that it’s the honest hard-working compassionate American citizen that steps up to lend a hand. Politicians usually just make speeches and pass out money, or at least low-interest loans, and too often try to take credit or cast blame.

But when you look close its the average citizen stacking sandbags, handing out food, water and blankets, donating desperately needed money and materials, and wading through waist-high flood-water to reach fellow citizens stranded by circumstances.

It’s hard not naming scapegoats and culprits while looking at these natural or man-made disasters. But not today, because we want to praise the good folks of our United States of America who are always willing to step up when the need is greatest.

Everyone cares, it’s human nature to care. But people taking action when action is needed is what makes the citizens of the United States so great and why the rest of the world relies so heavenly on us.

People who put others ahead of self and sacrifice their own comfort to help others are the backbone of the United States. I don’t wish to imply that people around the world in the UK, Europe, Asia and further aren’t willing.  But if one looks at the ledger of history and does a tally from where the most aid and comfort comes, one will see that the United States of America is the leader by far. Both in volume and percent of aid America sets the example to which all others should strive.

Anyway, this was on my mind. I hope you agree.

Next week, God willing, we’ll be back to offering our thoughts on the repeal, reform or repair of the American healthcare finance and delivery system.

Until then, please donate your time or treasure and say a prayer each day for all those in need. They are in Texas and Louisiana now but there are also people in need right there in your own neighborhoods.

It’s always true; but Hurricane Harvey is life’s proof that we’re definitely all in this together!

Until next week.

Mark Reynolds, RHU


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