What a difference a week can make!

We’re not going to talk about healthcare reform this week. There is something about a mid-week holiday that throws off momentum, does it not? So, let’s take a break from the frustration caused by our politicians in Washington DC when they try to honor their promises.

The calendar naturally moves our holiday schedule forward each year so we occasionally see holidays, that are date specific, fall in the middle of the week. Other holidays that are affected are Christmas and also New Year’s, obviously, as well as Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day to name a few.

Years ago, the US Congress decided that certain holidays should always be on a Monday thereby creating a bunch of 3-day weekends for us to enjoy. Examples of this are Memorial Day, Labor Day, and President’s Day to name a few. We all have to admit that it is nice having those 3-day weekends from time to time.

I’m sure the US Congress did this for the benefit of we hard-working citizens because it’s hard to imagine that the Congress needed any additional time off, given its propensity for long recesses.

Anyway, we’ll be back next week to dive head-first into the Senate’s Better “Care Reconciliation Act”. Given the momentum created by the Senate and its health reform bill we have plenty of time to cover everything in detail. Plus we’ll talk about the changes already being made.

Hope you enjoyed the time off and that you had a safe 4th of July celebration.

God Bless America!

Until next week.

Mark Reynolds, RHU

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