This week I want to discuss an American trait seemingly lost in our current society. That is the human trait of personal sacrifice and service to others without regard to the benefit to one’s self.

Current American society and our daily news is filled with examples of self-exorbitance and self -centered actions meant only to serve the individual. We see this sad fact every day in our politicians, entertainment, government employees, maybe our co-workers and sometimes even within our own families.

When we see a citizen recognized on TV for doing something above and beyond one’s duty or at great risk to one’s safety we seem amazed. But, in reality, there are many people among us who go about their life everyday with the benefit of others as a priority. It’s in their character not a one-time action.

Allow me to introduce you to one such individual in this week’s post.
Stacy Morris is an example of what many of us wish we could be. She is an example of how a woman can be a great mother and spouse while being a great leader for her company and its staff through some of the toughest times in an industry and company’s life.

Over the past year Stacy has been the Chairman of the Board for the Visalia Chamber of Commerce in addition to her duties at her company and with her family. Stacy’s company and as well as its industry is under attack and consumed with unknowns yet she has managed her company to grow and be a better place to work.

Stacy takes her leadership role in the Chamber as well as her company in stride making it look easy.  Most people would be overcome by the load this young woman carries but for Stacy there is no choice but to meet all challenges head on and overcome them. She has lived this way her entire life!

Today, Stacy will pass the gavel, as Chairman of the Visalia Chamber of Commerce, to the next in line. I promise you and all Chamber members that the Chamber is in better shape now than ever before and the duties of future Board Chairmen will be easier because of the decisions Stacy made and actions she has taken.

Please join me and her entire BEN-E-LECT family in thanking Stacy for her leadership, her compassion for others, and for her life-long commitment to serve others before herself. It is an honor to know her and a privilege to have worked with her.

Thank you, Stacy!!

Until next week.

Mark Reynolds, RHU

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