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Some Thoughts about Healthcare Reform

February 23, 2012

Hello, and welcome to our little communiqué discussing healthcare reform as well as other issues within the financing of healthcare. It’s a guarantee that this year, 2012, will be as unsettling as the past few. But, one thing is for sure, we need to be discussing solutions not belly-aching about the issue. We need to be looking at HCR from a “solutions perspective” which addresses both cost and benefit for employers but also the role and future for healthcare consultants. That’s a broker to you and me.

For one’s initial offering at “blogging” I suppose I should be bold and flamboyant to gain attention and followers. Well, I won’t promise any thing like that but I will promise thought provoking ideas and insight about current happenings in the market as well as a few solution minded comments to stir the conversation.

A couple years ago we created a piece entitled “Ten Myths about Ben-e-lect” in which we de-bunked all of the so-called myths about Ben-e-lect and its Employer Driven Health Plans.  Myth number ten stated that “Mark Reynolds is hard headed and will not work with carriers. I have tried to do better. Our staff even wanted to call an intervention to soften me a bit but I do promise that what you read in this blog will be unvarnished ideas and opinions that may wrinkle a few brows and even upset a few folks.

It is not my intent to ruffle feathers or egos in this blog. However, ten years of poor decisions and inappropriate actions by many within the insurance industry have led us to this abyss and we need straight talk to avoid the catastrophe that appears before us.

If we, as an industry of brokers, TPAs, and carriers are going to have input and make a difference then we need a little bit of truth delivered  unvarnished and straight to the point.

For today, I just want to state, for the record, that Healthcare Reform is coming toCaliforniain one shape or another. If PPACA is diluted or stricken thenCalifornia’s brokers, carriers, employers, and TPAs will surely face reform from within our state. Either one is survivable but must be addressed. The point is that brokers are better off accepting this as fact so that they can plan accordingly. Denial or avoidance will not work.

HCR does not need to mean the end to a broker’s career. It simply means that you must find another way and another product to provide the health plan and services your clients need and deserve.

In the coming weeks we will explore those other means and speak candidly about what is and is not working for brokers inCalifornia.

Sticking one’s head in the sand or succumbing to the doom & gloom scenarios laid out in your monthly meetings will not get you the result you desire.

Our intend, in this blog, is to lay out solutions. Any knucklehead can outline all of the problems. We do not need that, so let’s be different and explore HCR from a perspective of solutions.

Talk to you soon.